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    Nowadays, we have delivered to the market over 1500 products among full equipments for blown film, reciclying and extrusion, and different components.


Die heads and cooling rings

Our cooling rings have a state-of-the-art design: they are aerodynamic, they have a high cooling perfomance (from 3 to 5 times more than a conventional ring), and an excellent thickness control.


We work with either automatic, manuals or semiautomatic versions, also frontal or back to back.

Calibration cages

It's the perfect ally for a good blown film process. It comprises straight arms with polyamide rollers mounted over sensitive adjust mechanisms, and mechanical elevators (optional).

Extruders models

Gearbox with double set of rectified gears with ball bearings.Refrigerated loading zone.Engine with AC/DC current with an electronic speed shifter.Digital controllers or microprocessor.Athermical fairings, ventilation system.Pressure gauges, molten mass indicators, etc.


They are manual, and can be either with a sliding plate or fan; or hydraulic with equipped channels and accumulators


They are completely reliable with a robust structure, self-aligning bearings, silicon rubber and metalic and refrigerated rollers, tetrahedric bellows, wooden screen (pneumatic) or teflon rollers, height regulator system (optional) and DC geared motors with tachometric control.